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While our "Classic Registration" wedding style gives you a satisfactory rundown, you may want to appoint a specific celebrant according to your personal preference.

Now, our Preferred Registration service plan gives you the freedom of choice of your favorite celebrant. We now make available for your selection among 5 chosen celebrants, all highly recommended by our customers.

Mr. Cheung - Demo Video
Wedding Style Official Style
Service Plan Preferred
Characteristic Marriage Application ü ü
Marriage Registration ü ü
Host of Ceremony û û
Celebrant Choice ü û
Personalised Vows ü ü
Personalised Ceremony û û
Standard Price (all inclusive except
government fee of $305)
$3,300 up* $3,000 up*
Online Special Offer (online booking) $2,999 up* $2,699 up*

* Subject to adjustment and surcharge if wedding date or venue district requires