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It is not a good idea to approach any celebrants direct if you don't eye-witness their performance during wedding ceremonies.

Although you may find out how they look and speak by going to their office for no-obligation meetings, you can never tell what their live performance during wedding ceremonies will be.

You may seek referrals from your peers. However, unless they are in wedding-related businesses, their knowledge and experience in wedding ceremonies are very limited. In that case, they are no better than you yourself to tell whether a celebrant is as good as you expect. Their referrals can utmost give you the names of celebrants.

For An-Oath-Wedding service plan under "Celebrant + MC", we will give you a clear understanding about how our celebrants are to conduct your wedding ceremony. Given a well-designed ceremony rundown, the identity of the celebrant should no longer be a matter of concern to you. Then, just leave it to us to assign one of our trained celebrants for your wedding.

Since Feb 2007, thousands of bridal couples have already experienced An-Oath-Wedding. Moreover, growing number of people prefer a precise rundown to an identified celebrant whose wedding style is unknown.

We will share with you the details of ceremony rundown through our Ceremony Workshops. This arrangement ensures that the scarce time resources of celebrants are fully allocated for the conduct of wedding ceremonies, which we can't afford to compromise.