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Marriage Registries (in both public or private sectors) normally finish a wedding ceremony within 3.5 minutes. Such ceremony involves no romance but basic formalities.

Celebrant service may appear to you to be one of the possible alternatives. However, as a matter of fact, the majority of celebrants simply copied the Marriage-Registry-style. Is such monotonous wedding memorable?

Our unique wedding style "Celebrant + MC" is designed to produce the best audio and visual effects for the unique experience of a solemn but romantic wedding ceremony by the bridal couple as well as all the guests.

Our celebrants under the "Celebrant + MC" program are trained to create a silent atmosphere which is a prerequisite for all solemn wedding ceremonies.

Our celebrants under the "Celebrant + MC" program will ask the "I do" question during the wedding ceremony.

Ceremony Show of Bianca & Luck