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If simple registration is all you want and you are satisfied with the registration style adopted by the marriage registries for decades, our "Classic Registration" celebrant service is your best choice.

Assigned by An Oath

Within the interval of 3 months and 1 month before your marriage registration day, you may by appointment come to our office to sign the Notice of Intended Marriage at 7:00 pm on selected Wednesday.

To brief you the registration rundown normally at 7:15 pm on selected Wednesday (immediately after the signing of the Notice of Intended Marriage) and prepare you psychologically for the unique experience:

 1.  To explain the standard rundown of "Classic Registration"
 2.  To demonstrate how to say your vows and how to lift the veil
 3.  To highlight a number of issues which deserve your special attention

The celebrant will stay at your ceremony venue for as long as 45 minutes and the time allocation is as follows:

 1.  Celebrant arrives at the venue 15 minutes before the scheduled time to verify the registration rundown with MC and prepare for the marriage registration.
 2.  Marriage registration lasts for about 10 minutes.
 3.  20 minutes are reserved for delay.

12 months
before Marriage

1. Reserve the ideal marriage registration venue of your
    own choice

2. Choose "Classic Registration" of An Oath Celebrant

3. Receive written confirmation letter from An Oath

4. Pay 50% deposit of celebrant service fee within
    5 days of receipt of confirmation letter

3.5 months
before Marriage

5. Receive email and SMS from An Oath reminding
    you to make appointment with An Oath

within 3 months
before Marriage
(The law
prohibits you
from signing
the Notice

6. Go to An Oath's office (at 7:00 pm on selected
    Wednesday) to sign Notice of Intended Marriage,
    and pay the balance 50% of celebrant service fee
    and government fee, and attend Rundown Briefing
    (conducted in Cantonese only)

7. Refer to An Oath's specialized MC Script and
    notify the venue provider of the rundown

7 and 1 day(s)
before Marriage

8. Receive email and SMS from An Oath confirming
    the appointment of celebrant

9. Log in your online account to approve draft Marriage

15 minutes
before Marriage

10. Celebrant arrives at the venue, verifies the
      registration rundown with MC, inspects
      identification documents of both of you and
      2 witnesses - Hong Kong Identity Cards
      (for Hong Kong residents) or passports/travel
      documents (for foreigners) and prepares for the
      marriage registration