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Our celebrants under "Celebrant + MC" program are trained to create a silent atmosphere and conduct wedding ceremonies in a unique style so as to enable you and your guests to experience a solemn and romantic wedding ceremony. 3 service plans below are available for your selection:
Let us assign a trained celebrant to conduct your ceremony
List Price | $ 3,600*
Online Offer |
$3,099 up
You may select your favorite among our chosen celebrants and personalize your vows
List Price | $ 3,999*
Online Offer |
$3,399 up
Our top celebrants will make your dream wedding come true
List Price | $ 6,900*
Online Offer |
*All inclusive except government fee for $305
- the lawyer was nice and polite, all my guests are impressed
- the control of the atmosphere and arousing interest of audience is very good
- can let bridal couple fully understand the rundown and the meaning of celebrant
- Suggestion mentioned also very creative, practical and meaningful
- Many friends & relatives shed tears of joy & laughter because the ceremony was so moving & touching
- The excellent attitude, serve with heart

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