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By law, an application form for marriage registration (technically called "Notice of Intended Marriage") must be submitted to the Marriage Registry within the window of 3 months and 17 days before the proposed wedding date and the relevant official approval (known as "Certificate of Registrar of Marriages") must be obtained before the ceremony. Since the consequence of missing deadlines can be disastrous, we developed a proprietary information system to keep track of the progress of each booking to ensure timely completion of all tasks.

Your supply of personal data is required for our preparation of marriage-related documents. For the sake of efficiency and accuracy, we developed an online information system to enable you to complete the entire data input process on the Internet and generate all the relevant documents automatically.

Our system will send you regular SMS, email alerts and mobile application(if applicable) to report the progress of marriage registration application and celebrant service arrangement.

In case your assigned celebrant is unable to provide service, either our in-house celebrant or contract celebrants will act as substitute.